We are a Creative Design Studio concentrating on user-centric design based in Medan, Indonesia. We craft the best solution based on your individual needs.

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We put our passion to detailed design from day one.

We believe that design when done correctly produces an inclusive and elegant result.

CommunicaStudio works with you and your business to produce the quality design - both on screen and printed - that engages your costumers, earns trust and making buyers and believers.

While the end deliverable is ultimately design, it is the process in which gets us to a succesful launch of a design that makes us unique and effective.

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The Lists

Web Design

As our passion, we put our highly detail and skillset on designing your web presence. We create individual premium design for your individual needs.

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Web Development

From planning and research, analyzing and collecting data, we aim to give your internet presence a steady growth.

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Web Maintenance

Even if you don't have much time to keep your website up, we ready to assist you with our 24/7 staff. We'd like to be part of your success.

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Graphic Design

From designing logo, corporate identity and stationery, big and small prints, we delivered quality yet precision you need with SOHO approach.

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About Us

We are a Medan, Indonesia based Design Studio comprised of multi talented and experienced consultants.

We breathe design, it is our passion and the foundation of the studio.

We have a very solid and intimate team of consultants with extensive experience. We love our job and we love what we create.

The team


Co-Founder, Media Analyst

Dewantoro is a traveler by nature. He is a creativity addict, fine-art fan and media observer. His love on efficient and effective design has pushed every project into its creative limit. Dewantoro has tremendous experiences in analyzing media, complemented with his vision on brand identity, trends and audience psychology.

When not on the studio, Dewantoro can be found deep inside Sumateran forest, documenting his inbox or acting in street theatrical poetry.

Dewantoro is Co-Founder & Media Analyst for CommunicaStudio.

Zen Pulungan

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant

Zen is a veteran creative director & a passionate entrepeneur. He is an enthusiast of good design and best-practices mentality. Zen has extensive experience building & managing teams on creative projects. With his wide array of highly diversed skill sets and experiences, Zen creating innovation through design by advocating best practices in usability, accessibility and user-experience design.

When not on the studio, Zen can be found updating his Facebook, playing chess or hanging around at the coffee shop.

Zen is Co-Founder & Senior Consultant for CommunicaStudio.

Helmi Aditya

Co-Founder, Creative Designer

Helmi is a passionate designer who works comfortably between both web and print environments. He thriving on moving projects from conception to launch. Helmi appreciates good UI design, and enjoys utilizing and studying the psychology behind it. He loves simplicity and has meticulous attention to detail, and also enjoys implementing user centered design into his work.

When not on the studio, Helmi can be found playing games, sleeping with his laptop or updating his blog.

Helmi is Co-Founder & Creative Designer for CommunicaStudio.

Ibnus Orkeys

Co-Founder, Technical Developer

Ibnus, famous with his online game nickname Orkeys, is a more technical lovers. In fact, his fluency in web application and network is a big plus. He adores rich application framework, and possess good knowledge at server-side development. He enjoys testing usability and accesibility also a big fan of good database structure.

When not on the studio, Ibnus can be found playing games, hanging around at local internet cafes or updating his facebook.

Ibnus is Co-Founder & Technical Developer for CommunicaStudio.

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